Jaguar XE Project 8 as a new Ringtaxi

Jaguar has with the extreme XE Project 8 various ronderecords on his name. Anyone that wants to experience how such a fast round feel, can now log on to the Nürburgring.

The British have their Racetaxi-fleet there, which until now consists of a F-Type SVR and the rapid toplimo XJR575, supplemented with one of the 300 XE's Project 8 out of the factory need to roll. The car which, in addition to the lap record for four-door sedans on the Nordschleife in the record at the Laguna Seca Raceway in the hands, therefore, according to Jaguar the world's fastest taxi call. With 600 horsepower, a 0-100 time of 3.7 seconds, a potential lap time of 7 minutes and 21,23 seconds, and the necessary G-forces seems to be a ride in the Project 8 a memorable experience.

That experience and share it with your friends, there not in, because Jaguar has decided to create a Project 8 with Track Pack for the 'taxi rides'. That means that a back seat is missing, making the car even lighter and stiffer should be the version without this package.

Ringtaxi's are a well-known phenomenon for people who have ever in the near of the Nürburgring gone. Several companies offer a ride as a passenger next to an experienced racing driver in fast cars. When Jaguar takes a round in the Project 8 €199. For rides in the F-Type SVR and XJR575 the same amount, whereby it should be noted that the amount in the XJ can be split over a maximum of three passengers.