Jaguar F -Type Coupe Tin Roof Cat

Tin Roof Cat

" Engine, transmission, seats two people and luggage for the weekend - as a sports car should be ," says Ian Callum - for 15 years at Jaguar for design responsibility - and puts her hand on the edge of the coupe roof of his Jaguar F-Type. " That's exactly turned out the way I wanted it. Rear only me missing 55 millimeters. " Callum smiles at his interlocutor and confesses a lip at the rear he would want to have sharper. But the production was technically not possible with the all-aluminum body. All movies have on the back, and find that edge. But everything fits.

The fuzzy edge will not prevent the fulfillment of his dream. Callum already occurs today the F-Type at the annual gem performances of the best classic cars in Pebble Beach, California. He admits to want to create an icon. The goal, he could have just reached with the coupe. It has the best chance when Callum coupe enter into the oldie - story, because the design of the F-Type brings just the right mix of familiar optical signals for sportiness and modernity. " Keep it simple", Callum describes his philosophy and lets his hand the silhouette of the coupe follow and describes the simple, clean lines and edges.

Even the interior he knows something to say: " A sports car is a toy for boys." Since everything must look and function mechanically. Even if under a switch insert an electrical function, should the act mechanically and also feel so. This approach was followed by the interior consistent: Sport seats or Performance seats, big classic circular instruments in an instrument panel held flat, a rather small display infotainment and on the mighty center tunnel classic sliding and rotary switch. The cockpit has the driver as the sole Lord of all on-board procedures from - all geared to the driver. The passenger remain the two massive handles, the one. As a barrier against the driver's workplace, the other in the door

© Car Medienportal.NetJJaguarJaguar F-Type Coupe .   When the driver wants it, the passenger needs both. On the " Motorland Aragon", a Formula 1-grade course in the middle of nowhere Spanish, we achieve lateral acceleration of more than the acceleration due to gravity. Since the large side and shoulder bolsters of the Performance seats not help alone.

On the track, we learn that even an F-Type coupe with the V8 compressor is other than a V8 roadster with a fixed roof. This is reflected less in price - the R-convertible costs 100 500 euros, the coupe 103 700 euros - and not only on the power increase of 55 hp in the coupe. More importantly, since even the torsional rigidity of the all-aluminum body. The convertible brings it to less than 18 500 Nm (Nm) per degree, the coupe to 33 000 Nm.

The " Adaptive Dynamics " damping prevents roll and pitch. In addition, it also allows a dynamic mode in which the engine is spontaneous, the eight-speed automatic transmission react faster and the steering support is withdrawn for a more authentic feel. The Dynamic Safety Control has a " Trac DSC " mode that allows the rear on the track quite a lot of freedoms. The DSC system also provides for the more agile steering into corners, the electronic differential lock for traction on corner exit. In addition, the vehicle via the touch screen can be adjusted in many parameters individually.

With the balanced axle load distribution of the Jaguar is a neutral driving behavior. And good-natured he is also. He announces early and almost gentle, but that it might be too fast in the just-driven curve. The rear is easy to recapture. A light Lupfen the accelerator pedal is usually sufficient, we learned on the racetrack.

This much is clear: This coupe jaguar is the Champions League, the sports car arrived. As my colleague next to me says? "He can save everything, even fuel ." Rarely felt the male-mechanical button for start-stop system in a car unnecessary ago. Here, the average consumption for the five-liter engine with an average of 11.1 liters per 100 kilometers, slightly above the best in this class, so not bad.

The same colleague had to contribute further insights at the end of the F-type experience. Had approached us is the first coupe on the control of the six-cylinder model Jaguar F-Type S Coupé with 260 kW / 380 HP, so with 30 kW / 40 additional hp over the base model of the F-Type. After many hours on Spanish roads and on the track, was his conclusion: " If you drive the base model, you say to yourself: No one needs more. If you drive to the south, this experience repeated. Then you step into the eight-cylinder, and nothing to be desired. "

Probably not by accident, the F-Type Coupe and the Roadster sort of performance and price on the level of a Porsche Cayman and Boxster. The eight-cylinder compares in performance with the Porsche Turbo S at the price he is but significantly lower. Since it was probably no coincidence that Porsche Boxster and Cayman just announced uprated GTS versions for May.

The F-Type Coupe will be available in April at the dealership. The Roadster is said to have conquered the British 75 percent of new customers, so buyers who have never owned a Jaguar. From Coupe, Jaguar now expects a conquest rate of 90 percent. This happen, the Ian Callum will encourage in his expectation to have created an icon.

Data Jaguar F-Type R Coupe

Length x Width x Height ( m): 4.47 x 1.92 x 1.32   Engine: V8 petrol engine, 5000 cc, air compressor, direct injection   Power: 405 kW / 550 hp at 6500 rev / min   Max Torque: 680 Nm 2500-5500 U / min   Maximum speed: 300 km / h   Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 4.2 sec   Consumption ( according to EU standard ): 11.1 liters   CO2 emissions: 259 g / km   Empty weight: 1665 kg   Boot volume: 315 liters, 407 liters up to roof height   Turning circle: 10.66 m   Wheels: 20-inch LM   Strike price: 103 700 €