Jaguar E-Type Zero: E as in electric

London (United Kingdom), 7. September 2017

After his test ride in the Jaguar E-Type the famous motor journalist Fritz B. Busch once wrote, this is a car "for men, the pipe Smoking". Many decades later, Bush would now be of the "men write on E-cigarette Smoking", because the according to Enzo Ferrari "the most beautiful car in the world" gets an electric drive.

Tag with the rewind function

Before vintage scream lovers of horror: the Jaguar E-Type Zero is a single piece, with the bridge to the future hit. From 2020, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) want to personalize each model of electric. Already in 2018, a pure electric car comes with the Jaguar I-Pace. From I-Pace, the E-Type Zero takes on some of the components. According to Tim Hannig, the chief of JLR's Classic, could be used in the electric Drive system also for other classic Jaguar. However, Hannig, the nostalgic purists soothes at the same time: "We have implanted the new electric powertrain into the existing structure of the E-Type. This means that at any time, a conventional Motor can be installed. We think this is very important not to damage the DNA of a historic Jaguar," says Hannig.

New under the long hood

Let's turn to the Details: The 220-Kilowatt (equal to 299 HP) powertrain has been specially tuned to the E-Type Zero, and with a view to the old chassis in the power throttled. For comparison: In the Jaguar I-Pace, it will be 400 HP. The Lithium-ion battery of the E-Type Zero corresponds in its dimensions and in weight to the usually under-the-hood-seated XK six-cylinder, the mounting position is identical. The electric motor and the reduction gear are located just behind the battery, and thus at the same Position as the four-speed box of its historical predecessor. A new cardan shaft transmits the power to the Differential and the final drive. Overall, the E-Type's Zero is 46 kg lighter than the classic E-Type.

A small-scale come from?

Thanks to an electric drive with similar Weights and dimensions as the previously-installed gasoline engine, the E-Type Zero the entire structure, including suspensions and brakes, from the original model. Also the weight distribution is identical. Result: The E-Type, Zero drives, brakes and springs exactly as the basis, an E-Type series 1,5 1968. In 5.5 seconds, the electric-Oldie speeds up to 100 kph and around a second is faster than a E-Type series 1. The range should be around 270 miles. The 40 kWh battery over night in six to seven hours to charge. There are changes on the dashboard, also LED headlights. A small series is not, by the way, according to Tim Hannig is impossible: "We consider on the Basis of the reaction of our customers and the market introduction of the E-Type Zero."(rh)