Israel wants brandstofauto's from 2030 to prohibit

After Denmark recently reported the sale of brandstofauto's from 2030 to prohibit, takes Israel for a similar step. Also the EV's already about 12 years the service part.

The Israeli ministry of Energy wait not just until the ban enters into force, but wants for 2030 to ensure that companies and consumers should be encouraged to focus on alternative powertrains. This is done by more than 2,000 new charging stations installed in the country, which is significantly smaller than the Netherlands. In addition, there is the inevitable tax breaks, making the tax rate on electric cars even up to zero reduced.

Israel is, however, not only on gasoline and diesel as energy sources, but also of coal. For the complete energy transition trust of the country on natural gas, which in the past few years a large supply is discovered in the much talked about country in the Middle East. Where the Netherlands from 2030 say goodbye to natural gas, put Israel there so just full on in. It should not only serve as fuel in power plants, but also in large vehicles such as buses and trucks, where an electric powertrain is no good solution.

Reuters reports that the plan of the Ministry of Energy at the end of the year must be approved by the Israeli government.

Israel is certainly not the first country that plans to come brandstofauto's prohibit, all of the Iraƫlische plans by the link with natural gas or very concrete. The Danish prime minister Rasmussen said earlier this month similar words and in 2030, while such a route, even in combination with Germany is called. The Netherlands also strives to have a price list with pure EV's from 2030. Variations on the theme, there are also: the latest posts from France speak of 2040, while the Norwegian government already in 2025, 100 percent electric wants to come true.