Is the new Czech SUV but quite different than expected?

Weiterstadt, 15 June 2016

After the presentation of the study we did mean vision S at the Geneva Auto Show in the spring of 2016, we knew exactly what the new Skoda Kodiaq would look like. But now the Czech brand released sketches, which look very different than the images of the study. Nevertheless, they should show the Kodiaq. This is considerably more spacious-looking vision S off the table? Or will there be two SUVs? We are trying to bring order to the chaos.

Coupé-like? Or lot trunk?

The two sketches show a quite sporty design that actually not quite suits the mainly practically positioned brand Skoda. The almost arrow-slit-like Windows and the steeply inclined C-pillar rather smell Coupé than for large storage volume. Nevertheless, it promises a folding third row seat Skoda is the "largest trunk of the class", is optional. So a big SUV, which is based on the VW Touareg size rather than on the Tiguan? The vision S was 4.70 metres long and only ten centimeters below the guard measure of the Touareg, but 22 centimeters above the new Tiguan. It should provide six seats in three rows.

Presentation in Paris?

All this fits with the vision S, just like the information on the presentation of the series model: the Kodiaq has according to Skoda in September 2016 world premiere so well at the Paris Motor Show, the press days just yet in this month. The vision S should give a view on a "new large SUV series model", which should be presented in the autumn.

Front as in the vision S

Grill and the front lights look similar to when the sketches at the vision of S. The air opening is surprisingly small for an SUV. As imposing as the Q models from Audi of even the small Q2 the Skodas has should not work apparently a monster Grill. Then directly on the grill, narrow headlights are like in the vision S. The tail looks more crystalline than the page view. The rear lights are to have the brand-typical C-shape, Skoda. This was not the vision to see S, and is difficult to see even with the sketches also because the C is much square than on previous models of Skoda. The huge wheels are sideways. They look as if they would have found no place more in the wheel arches, but survive. On the road, this is of course not allowed, but draw you can it.

Inside such as Tiguan and Ateca? Or futuristic?

To the Interior, Skoda produces no images. The cockpit looks so much like at VW Tiguan and seat Ateca? Or as futuristic as in the vision S? There will be four large, vertical air nozzles according to Skoda. A large display divides the instrument panel into two equal zones for driver and front passenger. All of this sounds like when Skoda would describe the cockpit of the vision S.

Skoda will be emotional

So what does it all mean? The key perhaps the following set of Skoda Chief Designer Jozef Kaban provides: "Skoda will be even more emotional." Apparently it is not satisfied with the rational and practical in Mladá Boleslav "simply smart" - image. You want to speak to more customers, who place value on aesthetics. The sketches show a slight development of the vision probably S. The pictures looked too little emotional, therefore to sketches to adjust now the image. But we bugged Skodas headquarters, nor can we read minds said. It remains exciting. (sl)