insanely autonomous

Shanghai, April 21, 2015

Chevrolet has at the Shanghai Auto Show ( 22 to 29 April 2015) unveiled a new concept car which shows the cars of the future vision of the Group and ?? well ?? provides some surprise. The FNR ( which stands for "Find new roads ", ie for " Find new roads " ) was developed by General Motors` Asia branch in Shanghai and looks as if he himself were too mean for a role in Terminator. On the other hand, he interacts with his top-opening " crab scissor doors " ( Chevrolet calls them dragonfly wing ) and a whole arsenal of super clever technology of the future also terribly cool.

Four electric motors without hub

The high-tech highlights of this self-propelled electric capsule are manifold: The four electric motors are not at the hub, but are magnetically attached to the inside of the huge wheels. To this end, wireless charging and headlights and taillights are equipped with Kristallaserlicht. Most like science fiction but affects the comically exaggerated body, which classifies the Chevy FNR somewhere between a Batmobile and a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Iris scanners and radar system

Inside the matter will be even wilder. To start the FNR, the driver must survive an eye detection using iris scan. For autonomous driving, the study has a radar system on the roof and is operated by gesture control. There are also a lot smarter sensors and swivel seats as in the Mercedes F015 study. " The Chevrolet FNR is packed with a whole host of smart technologies that you usually only see in science fiction movies," says Chevrolet. Science fiction movies, autonomous robots ?? do not worry, the FNR is only one study. And what GM 's plan for him is not yet known. (sw)