In his own case

Hair, 10. January 2018

One or the other of you will have already noticed that We have removed from our articles in the discussion module. Not because we want to avoid the danger of hate comments or the like, it was actually on never. No, there are other reasons: The discussion module comes from the US-American company, Disqus, and could be used free of charge. Now, the company has decided, in the discussion of block advertising on. Neither the optical implementation, we have no influence, nor the fact that the advertising slows down the layout of the pages. in the future, without discussion module

We decided, therefore, that the discussion platform from now on, to switch off. Should you want to be able to communicate with the editors, so you best to write an E-Mail to [email protected] If you want to share with other readers your opinion about a car, please use our Facebook page.

From Motor1 Germany

On this occasion, we would like to inform you that the Auto News Medien GmbH is now working in the network of the US-American media group, the Motor sports Network. Therefore, from in a few weeks Motor1 Germany. For Motor1 is the world's single brand for the Automotive coverage of Motor sports Network. Our established editorial team of course makes the content. These are supplemented, however, to read Stories from the global network of Motor1, so the network also uses now the items we produce here in Germany. In addition, you can look forward to a modern redesign of the page Layouts.


With the best Wishes for the New year, your editors car news / Motor1 Germany(ph)