Hyundai Tucson with mild hybrid system

Offenbach, 6. June 2018

If the Hyundai Tucson in the summer of 2018 will be Facelift, is also a hybrid version, even if only a mild-hybrid variant. The System is, in principle, the same as the sister model Kia Sportage.

Only for the 2.0 CRDi, 1.6 CRDi

Is used in the mild hybrid system, at first exclusively at the Tucson 2.0 CRDi with 186 HP and all-wheel drive. The 48-Volt System can be fitted with either the six-speed manual gearbox or the newly developed eight-speed automatic ordered from Hyundai. It sounds as if the System would be available as an option. Does not react to the the cost of Hyundai. But it is already clear that the 48-Volt technology will not remain on the 2.0-litre Diesel limited. From the spring of 2019 it's supposed to be in Tucson with the new 1.6-litre Diesel available.

RSG helps to Speed up and Save

To the System, a Lithium-ion battery and a belt-driven starter generator (RSG). The latter supports the Diesel during acceleration, with up to 16 HP. At light Speed, it relieves the gas and reduces emissions and fuel consumption by up to seven percent. The mild hybrid system allows the Tucson, the engine when Coasting at higher speeds to turn off, as it is in normal Start-stop systems possible. The RSG provides for a rapid and comfortable restarting of the engine.(sl)