Hyundai i10: Expensive facelift?

Frankfurt am Main, 22 November 2016

In addition to the VW up the Hyundai i10 is one of the most popular models in the class of the city car. Almost simultaneously to the up, the i10 also has received a facelift. The prices for the updated version are now known.

Base price as curls

In a segment in which customers particularly pays attention to the euro, the pricing is especially important. But since we're talking about design: striking facelift feature of the "new" i10 is the front fascia with now round day driving lights. Like almost all of his opponents is also the Hyundai below the psychologically important threshold of 10,000 euros. Nothing changes at an entry-level price of 9,990 euros, in return, you get only the absolute basic version with 67 BHP. (Only for this engine it is a three-cylinder) surcharge is a start stop system for 300 Euro available. Who's on LPG, must shell out 11.490 euro for the corresponding LPG version of the i10.

Can it be something more?

The handle to the classic version of the i10 seems useful, here are standard air conditioning and an MP3 radio with USB port. The price starts at 11.480 euros, an increase of 190 euros. 12,110 euro (plus 140 euros) starts the trend version with seats and heated steering wheel. Is pretty clear the facelift cost for the top trim style failed: 13.630 euro mean an increase of 800 euros. In return, a DAB radio now extended the scope of the series. Who would have more power in the i10, needs access to the four-cylinder with 87 HP for at least 12.710 euros. The old-fashioned four-speed automatic for 1,000 euros extra charge is unchanged in the program.

Customer-unfriendly package policy

Completely new, a navigation system, including Android is car and Apple car play for €950. Newly, the optional equipment packages were not necessarily laced at the facelift-i10 to the benefit of the customers. Anyone who wants to have Park beeper back and an automatic climate control, received both so far for 530 euros together with 15-inch alloy wheels. Now, you must order the security package with Lane and front collision Warner (720 euros) plus the premium package with keyless access for 770 euros. Finally still a glimpse of the toughest competitor, the VW up. He starts at 9,850 euro with 60 HP. However, the Hyundai i10 is always a Fünfftürer. The VW at least €10.330 risen including rear access. (rh)