Human Horizons presents plans for the future

The world is an automotive start-up richer: Human Horizons. The Chinese company has in the country of his plans for the future are presented.

Human Horizons is not just a start-up. At least, that is the message that the company is trying to bring. The company extends not only to an electrical cross-over or a which hypercar forward, but says a full city infrastructure to want to develop.

Human Horizons wants an infrastructure for autonomous driving cars set up. The company is planning to roads and to towns of sensors and cameras to relay information to the autonomous cars. According to Human Horizons, it may be this way, things like traffic lights more efficient use. The company has two concept-cars behind the scenes, the Concept of Active (a city car that can accommodate up to two occupants, photo 2), the Concept Hypervelocity (a sportier two-seater where you yourself can send, photo 1).

That may sound as luchtfietserij, but Human Horizons seems to be deadly serious. At the helm of the company, the Chinese businessman Din Lei in the Chinese automotive sector is a well-known name. Lei worked for the joint-venture SAIC-Volkswagen and has, among other LeSee worked. Lei has, amongst other directors and engineers of General Motors and Jaguar Land Rover to its workforce know to add. Human Horizons is going to be around 2020-2021 with the production of its first cars to start. In Shanghai the company starts already with the testing of its infrastructure.