Honda's athletes on Porsche level?

Frankfurt, 3rd March 2016

The new edition of the Honda NSX will be towed since a half eternity about the car trade fairs of the world. A look at the archive proves: the first study was already at the auto show in Detroit in January 2012. now have been in the country for over four years and the car is still not in the trade. After all: Honda finally reveals the price for the new hybrid sports.

NSX does Turbo S in the visor

The most important information first: The new Honda NSX is in the base version around 180,000 euros cost a lot of money for a Honda. However, the NSX is to do with his performance also the eternal class Porsche 911 Turbo S competition. The Honda wins the prize ever, because the Porsche cost about 23,000 euro more. The Honda is a 3.5 litre V6 twin which will be supported by three electric motors to 581 HP. Thus Zuffenhausen and Tokyo are right up on a horsepower. The weight, the Honda surpasses the Turbo S whopping 45 kilograms. Both go with a permanent four-wheel drive at the start. It will be interesting whether the NSX at the Turbo can drive S, but Honda must comply with only once the targeted market launch in autumn 2016.

Huge heritage

The NSX is a great heritage. The predecessor built from 1990 to 2005 inspired even the legendary Formel-1-Piloten Aytron Senna with his high speed V6, low weight and excellent handling. The many YouTube videos with Senna on the Flounce of the NSX attest even today. By the way: The first production model of the NSX changed hands at an auction in the United States for $1.2 million and is now in the garage of a team heads of the American NASCAR series. We will see whether the new NSX can fill in the footsteps of his ancestors. (mf)