Honda CR-V: he comes to us

Frankfurt/Main, 1. March 2018

With the CR-V Honda is a global success model in the program. After the SUV was already presented in the United States, to present the European Version at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018).

For the first time with seven Seats

Clearly visible is the completely new Design of the Honda CR-V with wide wheel arches and a front fascia with bonds, Civic, and Accord. In the Grill, a variable air intake for more efficiency. The inside has been cleared out of the Cockpit, the new articulated instrument panel is arranged horizontally. With two Seven-inch Touchscreens. Does not react to the exact dimensions of the Honda, however, speaks of a wider track and longer wheelbase compared with the predecessor model. This makes sense, because for the first time, the CR-V is offered in Europe as a seven-seater. The third row of seats to offer, in addition to "plenty of legroom" Seating angle of 101 degrees.

More Ground Clearance

A variable boot floor in the highest Position a flat plane, the electrically-opening tailgate offers in the future a free hand operation. The ground clearance of the CR-V has been increased by almost four inches and is now up to 21 centimeters in the petrol engine with all-wheel drive.

Hybrid instead of Diesel

This brings us to the drives: The new Honda CR-V is available with front-wheel drive with all-wheel drive available. Quite unusual for the mid-size SUV Segment, the decision to forego Diesel. Instead, Honda relies on a hybrid system, It comes without traditional gear, and has instead a single fixed Translation, which establishes a direct connection between the movable components, so as to enable a smooth transfer of torque within the system. The components of the actuator, an electric motor, a two-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine with Atkinson-cycle and a separate Generator. Alternatively, a 1.5-litre turbo diesel is available with an estimated 182 HP. It can be ordered with a manual six-speed manual or stepless CVT transmission. The market launch of the new Honda CR-V in Europe is planned for the autumn of 2018.(rh)