Honda Accord (2018): Ten WINS

Torrance (USA), 12 June 2017

Accord, there was something yet? Right: As Honda calls its mid-size model since 1976. While in Europe by 2015, the eighth generation concluded the accord-chapter, the tenth generation is ready to go in the USA now.

Americans love the accord

The reason is obvious: while in this country, the Honda went accord on lack of demand, he scrambles up in the United States with the Toyota Camry for the Crown of best selling 'midsize sedan". Alone from January until April 2017 approximately 97,000 accord could be sold, that's enough eleven US new registrations a total space. Thus the car available as a sedan and Coupé is the third-most popular Honda for the CR-V and civic. The Toyota is ranked sixth by the way good 115,000 vehicles. And still an interesting figure: since 1976, Honda could bring over 13 million accord to the man and the woman in the United States alone.

An automatic ten-course

For the all-new 10th Edition, the Japanese guarantee the chicest and driving active accord ever. And, although six-cylinder from the program disappear. From autumn 2017 only Turbo four-cylinder under the hood work: known from the civic, the 1.5-liter engine with CVT transmission and a two-litre unit with ten speed automatic transmission. A premiere, because it is the first of its kind in a front wheel drive car automatic be. Optional is also a manual six-speed gearbox available for both engines. Without a conventional automatic transmission, the Accord Hybrid comes out. Still, details were not mentioned. Donald Trump may be reassured by the way: almost all components of the Honda Accord comes from the United States, the Assembly takes place in Ohio. (rh)