Herbert Diess directs the VW group and brand

Wolfsburg, 13. April 2018

The VW Supervisory Board, has just appointed Herbert Diess as a new chief Executive officer. His previous role as head of the VW brand retains the doctorate in mechanical engineering, so in the future, the group and brand in a personal Union. He is in the future of a "Chief Operation Officer" for the VW brand support, a kind of right Hand for This, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Pötsch at a press conference today, on the 13. April said. The Person will currently being sought within the group.

This should drive change

A reason for the change from Muller to Diess was, according to Pötsch, that the Controller should cope with the age of the necessary business transformation in the Whole. Müller is already 64, during This 59 years of age is a little younger. This came only in December 2014 to the VW and is therefore unencumbered in the diesel affair.

Golden handshake for Müller

Müller ruled out, according to Pötsch in mutual agreement as CEO and Chairman. Pötsch thanked him expressly for his commitment. Müller had taken over the leadership in September 2015, Martin Winterkorn, stepped back because of the diesel scandal. Müller's communication behavior in the cheat affair was evaluated in the press as in part a little diplomatic. Since Miller's contract actually runs until 2020, he will receive a severance payment, which is expected to be approximately 20 million Euro, according to an Online article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 12. April 2018. Add to this a pension of about a Million a year – that would be around 2,900 Euro per day.

Three Brand Groups

This activity begins with a restructuring. The group has been to decentralise, to be introduced three brand new groups: the "volume" includes Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen (including VW commercial vehicles), as well as the mobility of services and is led by Diess. "Premium" includes only Audi and is directed as usual by Rupert Stadler. Porsche chief Oliver flower is for the division "Super-Premium" charge, which consists of Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti and, later, Lamborghini. Ducati remains with Audi. The division "Truck & Bus" (consisting of MAN and Scania) to move its headquarters from Braunschweig to Munich and later to the stock exchange--are brought without that the group wants to give up control. The brand groups are responsible Chairman of the Board, also take on Executive management tasks. This is responsible for the group's development and research, Stadler the group, distribution and flower, the group's production. Flower rises to do this, also in the group's management Board.

Chief of staff of the works Council circles

This was true in the case of employee representatives so far as a rough cost-pusher. The powerful works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh had referred to his Operate in early 2017 in the Public as a "deeply anti-social," as business week in an Online article from today's 13. April recalls. Perhaps, in order to obtain the consent Osterlohs to Diess, will be appointed the previous Secretary-General of the group works Council, Gunnar Kilian, the chief of staff. Predecessor Karlheinz Blessing will be eliminated from the Board. The purchasing Board of management member Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz is leaving the company at his own request. Acting is his job by the procurement Board of management of the VW brand, Ralf Brandstätter,.(sl)