Harrods electric van uses

Cologne, 30th March 2017

About 100 years after Harrods department store has set up its first electric vehicle, the legendary London department store is again committed to the streamers: the electric van Nissan e-NV200 reinforced starting immediately the fleet from Harrods.

Rolling refrigerator

The e NV200 was retooled to meet the requirements of Harrods department store. The cargo area of the van has been converted into a refrigerator with shelves so that the fresh produce under ideal conditions can be delivered. In addition, the bears Stromer the Harrods typical golden green color combination. The range of the e NV200 is 170 kilometers, which is sufficient for the needs of the decreasing: Harrods has the electric van only once per week charge, to create 50 delivery trips and the average weekly distance of 241 kilometres.

Electric vans 1919

In 1919, the British Department store used electric vans of the type American Walker, who were equipped with hard rubber tires. The fleet was increased up to 60 battery-powered vehicles, goods to be delivered to their London customers. With the incipient boom by gasoline and diesel engines, the stock of electric vans was built gradually. Now that Stromer back. "As one of the largest department stores in UK we are committed to reduce our CO2 emissions and improve our ecological footprint", so Guy Cheston, who is responsible of Harrods department store.

Reduction of air pollution

Gareth Dunsmore, at Nissan responsible for electric vehicles, adds: "we believe that emission-free vehicles, such as the e-NV200 play an important role to reduce the air pollution and this is a very sensitive point in many European cities." The British capital has been in 2003 a "London congestion charge" (London congestion charge) introduced in the amount of approximately 13 Euro per day. Electric cars are exempt from the fee. (sl)