Guide - Care for convertible tops Sensitive Fabric Hats

Sensitive Fabric Hats

The stuff dreams are made of, is not always made ​​of precious silk. For many car enthusiasts, there is the fabric roof of her convertible. And in order to have it longer delight, it is several things to consider.

Sun, heat, rain, wind - any weather can damage the hair, which emphasize not only a manufacturer of hair care products. It looks similar to the cloth cap of the vehicle, although modern convertible tops are quite durable. Before folding the outer skin is often soon back together and unfolded, they might need a little attention, in order to remove contaminants.

Hand washing is the first choice. Heavy soiling can be removed with a brush, for superficial dirt is suitable vacuum cleaner. When the brush is to make sure that it is always painted along the fabric pattern. Stubborn stains can be rubbed with a special shampoo from the retail trade and rinsed off after a short reaction time with clear water. After cleaning, a waterproofing spray is recommended.

An alternative to manual labor is a special program in convertible car washes, these have, however, for stubborn dirt no chance. Whether the protective hood is made of PVC, acrylic or cotton blend fabric - the fabric roof should never be processed with high pressure lances. From a short distance the soft material can thus literally tear and impregnation are destroyed.

The rubber seals and the rear window of the convertible roof require special care. To keep it supple, the seals should be cleaned with cleaning agents einrieben silicone or glycerin base.

After cleaning and patience is required. Even if it is difficult: the roof is to remain closed as long as in any case, until it is completely dry. The same is true for the start in the early morning, when there is still dew on the deck.