GTÜ testing winter tires 225/50 R17 in

Stuttgart, September 10, 2015

Summer is almost over, the meteorological start of autumn we have already behind us ?? Time to start thinking about winter tires. Because as soon as they are between eight and ten years old or have a tread depth of less than four millimeters, a change is recommended ?? security wegen.Die Society for Technical Supervision ?? short GTÜ ?? and the Auto Club Europa have again looked at eight different brands this year as well, and these are subjected to testing under adverse conditions. The results are mostly quite enjoyable: All manufacturers have reworked again compared to last winter and almost all the profiles have been revised.

Test winner of Continental and Goodyear

We tested eight different copies 225/50 R17 on a BMW 320i. As test winner with a score of "highly recommended" goes the Continental Winter Contact TS 850 shows ( 688 euros per set ). Close behind is the new Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance Gen - 1 ( 676 euro per set ), which was " highly recommended" also received the highest rating. Both tires are in all disciplines ?? whether in snow, wetness or dryness ?? sovereign gone through the trials both when accelerating and when braking and handling.

Wide selection of recommended tire

On the places three to seven, the candidates who have achieved a "recommended" rating for their performance frolic. Topping this list of Dunlop Winter Sport 5 ( 674 euros per set ). Closely followed by the new Nokian WR D4 ( 540 euros per set ) and the Michelin Alpin 5, which is with 704 euros per set of tires in the most expensive test. Then will follow the Pirelli Sottozero ( 648 euros per set ) and the Semperit Speed-Grip 2 ( 570 euros per set ). The only tire " conditionally recommended " reached only the Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S is ( 596 euros per set ). He could not convince the testers especially when wet handling.

Continental everywhere forefront

On acceleration and braking on snow-covered roads all candidates are close together. Only the tires from Michelin, Vredestein and Pirelli delay less well, as they can be accelerated. Especially with the Pirelli a weakness can be seen on snow during braking: He requires from Tempo 50 two meters more to a standstill as the best tires, the Continental Winter Contact TS 850. In the wet handling Michelin, Continental and Goodyear are on top. The Semperit Speed-Grip 2 is weakening with less cornering that Vredestein also with a long braking distance. In the dry, the Continental is clearly the best tires and leaves the competition far behind.

Care early enough to winter tires

Since 4 December 2010, there are in Germany a so-called situational Winterreifenpflicht. That is, when snow, frost, ice, or slush smoothness only allowed to drive with winter or all-season tires. Winter tires for better recognition a snowflake symbol on the sidewall. Who can be caught with summer tires, charged 40 euros fine ?? characterized in emerging traffic obstruction 80 euros are due. In an accident while obviating the insurance coverage . ( mf )