GTI in large format

Herndon (United States), 15 November 2016

No question: Things went even better for Volkswagen in the US market. But 2016 remains dominated by "Diesel Gate" and its consequences. One of them: VW, even more, want to go to the wishes of its distributors and customers in the United States. ERGO is to be decided not only in Wolfsburg what American wants, but on the ground. A result is the VW Atlas, a type of XXL-Tiguan, whose name was selected when "Volkswagen of America". Now it shows at the Los Angeles Auto Show (November 18-27) another car, the VW Passat GT concept.

Sporty ship

The name of the sedan is somewhat misleading, because much of this special version of the U.S. Passat is reminiscent of the current Golf GTI. It begins at the honeycomb Grill with red stripes as a framework and continues through black blades in the front bumper, 19-inch alloy wheels with red brake calipers plus a lowering of 1.5 cm. Other details include a small rear spoiler, a Black roof, black grey sports seats and carbon elements.

Strong six cylinder

An engine with 280 HP, but not the same strong 2.0 TSI - four-cylinder from the euro-Passat works under the hood. Instead, we have to do it with an old acquaintance: the 3.6 liter VR6 was used between 2008 and 2010 in the Passat R36 with 300 HP. The unit is connected to a six-speed DSG in the U.S. Passat. By the way, really, there's a Passat GTI. Late 1976 VW built a prototype with the 110-Horsepower engine of the Golf GTI. In series, but then the car went from 1979 to 1980 under the title GLI. (rh)