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Frankfurt, May 21, 2015

Notchback World Premiere: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles ( FCA ) points to the Istanbul International Auto Show ( 22 to 31 May 2015) the " Project Aegea ". The new compact sedan is the result of cooperation between FCA in Italy and Tofas R & D in Turkey. The compact car with notchback is to conquer the global market in this country and make the Skoda Fabia from the VW group competition.

Italian Style with practical dimensions

The vehicle is based on the Dodge Dart or the Guilietta of Alfa Romeo. In FCA Design Center of New has now designed and developed in the development center Tofas R & D in Turkey. So the Aegea from the outset was designed as a classic notchback sedan. The design was developed independently and was not derived from a hatchback vehicle. With an exterior length of four and a half meters, a width of 1.78 meters, a height of 1.48 meters and a wheelbase of 2.64 meters of Aegea to provide space for five adults. The cargo volume is 510 liters again.

Consumer electronics on board

As infotainment system is a five-inch touch screen on board. Optionally, the screen can be operated via buttons on the steering wheel. Additional facilities include a wireless integration of mobile phones via Bluetooth. On request beyond a reversing camera and a satellite navigation system from TomTom are available.

Reliable and economical engines

The motor drive of the new notchback sedan Fiat has two turbo diesel engines and two petrol. With a power range between 95 hp and 120 hp engines are especially score with high reliability and low fuel consumption. For the turbodiesel an average fuel consumption of under four liters per 100 kilometers is predicted.

Production and market launch

The new Fiat sedan at the plant Tofaş Bursa ( Turkey ) for over 40 countries in Europe, manufactured in the Middle East and in Africa. The launch in Turkey is scheduled for November 2015. The other countries will follow subsequently. In spring 2016, the Aegea should then come to Germany. In addition to the notchback version also Hatchbacks, as combi versions are planned. What the compact car will then cost is not yet known . (ml)