Genius and Madness: Hypercar design

Hair, August 22, 2014

He is Italian, he has studied transportation design and claims to be, he was in love with design in Pasadena, California. Adriano Raeli means the good man and we believe him. For while the rest of humanity would have a lawsuit on the neck, they would publish a draft design without prior consultation with the Ferrari executive floor, Raeli seems to come through with his F80 - Concept.

Fantastic technical data

The design is reminiscent of F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari, mixed with the current Hypercar genes, a fighter jet, and a Formula 1 racing car. Therefore, we come right to the technical data: The designer transplanted a V8 biturbo engine in the study and wrote him 900 hp to. In conjunction with a KERS system performance increasing to up to 1,200 hp. With only 800 kg curb weight, the 4.76 meter long and 2.10 meter wide flounder could in just 2.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h sprint. Conclusion would be for the hybrid Hypercar loud Raeli at 500 km / h theoretically understood only theoretically.

Back on the ground of facts

But now let's face it: Stick to your trade and we continue to enjoy only the design of the car. For as accurately attained the performance and should be technically possible, the creator reserves course for yourself. But we believe it God design the new patch and maybe a Bible will be in the glove compartment, which explains that the F80 is fired only with dragon urine and the hybrid battery can only be charged with thunderstorm lightning. Should spin a bit in any case be allowed and then if they do everything right, we can safely drop the classical faith.

Probability equal to zero

But it probably will not come to that. The chances that the F80 outgrows his studies - existence, are less than to be run over by a current LaFerrari at the North Pole. But as with any religion: Hardworking pray and hope dies last, even if the F80 would create only 450 km / h in the tip at the end, an attempt would be worth it . (ml)