Generous French

Paris ( France ), August 26, 2015

Quite chic, this new Renault! The Talisman called Laguna successor has many places providing for positive reactions. But with a pretty sedan it is not just done in countries such as Germany. Here must be found a combination to play along in mid-concert. No sooner said than done: now shows the Renault Talisman for space lovers.

DC and yet greater

The combination has the same dimensions as the sedan, so it is 4.86 meters long, 1.46 meters high and has a wheelbase of 2.81 meters. A special feature is the roof rail made ​​of polished aluminum. The electrically ascending and ironing tailgate can be activated by movement of the foot under the rear bumper. In the trunk fit 572-1700 liters of luggage in umlegten rear seats go in up to 2.01 meters long objects.

Two plus Three

Not only comfort features such as the front seats with ventilation and massage function or up to 8.7-inch touch screen come from the technical relationship of the Talisman series to the new Renault Espace, but also the engines. The petrol afford 150 and 200 hp, with the diesels, ranging from 110 to 160 hp. Depending on the engine, an optional dual clutch transmission with six or seven courses available. Among the dealers to come in the first half of 2016 the Talisman Kombi . ( rh )