Generation three will be revealed at the end of August

Stuttgart, 21. August 2017

As a prototype of the new Porsche Cayenne was already the beginning of 2017, the company is now self-published rides Details of the testing. The third Generation of the SUVs soon to be world premiere, but not until September 2017 on the IAA, but already on 29. August in the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen.

Full New Development

The images show that on the Outside only the Details change. Among the most significant Changes in the fine-structured rear lights. The vehicle – internal E3 is a complete new development. The powertrain and chassis, as well as display and operating concept were designed. The Details are a Porsche is still covered. But now with the weight-optimised MLB-evo platform used in the Audi Q7, the Bentley Bentayga and the upcoming VW Touareg-based. The length is expected to increase to ten inches to 4.95 meters. In the case of the drives, a Plug-in System, in addition, the Diesel will be stronger, say the augurs.

4.4 Million Kilometers

In addition to Computer simulations, the real test for Porsche remains a high priority. The testing marathon began in 2014 with the so-called aggregates-makers and was subsequently continued with prototypes and Pre-series vehicles, right up to today. Overall, cars travel around 4.4 million kilometers.

Artificial and real-world vibrations

The car must consist of, among other things, long-term tests on so-called Hydropulsern. On this hydraulic test system, the artificially generated vibrations are reset, the chassis and body alike. This is a real operating strength Tests, on - road and off-road on the Porsche site in Weissach and outside. Within a few months, so up to 240,000 kilometres per car, completed the operation in the layer.

From the Nordschleife to new Zealand

Traditionally, Porsche is also testing on the Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. In Italy, the test lawn carts in continuous operation, the high speed course in Nardò. At up to 50 degrees of heat is being tested in the dunes of Dubai, and in the American Death Valley, at minus 45 degrees on ice and snow in Alaska. For this purpose, the grueling Stop-and-Go traffic in a sultry-yet to come big Chinese cities, and Tests in South Africa, Japan and new Zealand hot.

A model of success, with 7,000 sales a year

The Cayenne sold in 2016, with just over 7,000 units in Germany are not as good as the BMW X5 (9,000 units), the Audi Q7 (12,000 shares), or the Mercedes GLE (15,000 pieces). The reason is likely to be fairly high prices: The Cayenne is there just to 71,000 euros, while the cheapest GLE for under $ 55,000. Despite the rather low piece in Germany, Porsche is talking figures of a model of success. Since 2002, the cars (in the world) had been sold more than 760,000 Times.(sl)