Garage Italia customs 555RR: diesel-note in the Fiat 500

Milan (Italy), 21 June 2016

Do you know Renzo Rosso? If not, you are not alone there so. But perhaps you wear just at this moment a product of Mr. Rosso: he has founded in 1978 that the jeans brand diesel and expanded into a fashion Empire. Reason enough that he now treats a very special Fiat 500C herself, the 555RR garage Italia customs.

Pretty much best friends

Italia customs behind garage Lapo Elkann, his favorite grandson of Fiat Patriarch Gianni Agnelli and friends with Renzo Rosso. For the diesel-555RR has taken the current convertible version of the Fiat 500 to the chest and missed her a black lacquer with silver glitter effect. Swarovski crystals frame the headlights and taillights, a matt black stripes on the hood and the rear covers.

Of the tailored suit with jeans trousers

Inside the black dominates also: at the front seats black Foglizzo leather, a tailored suit considered model. Also, the dashboard is covered with animal skin, a zipper over the glove box to remind bikers of the gap. Diesel is a clear reference to the most important product of the brand denim on the armrests in the doors and in the boot. The stick itself has a red knob on the instead of gears, a series of letters forming the word "Enjoy". This word (translated "Have some fun") Renzo Rosso is always behind his signature. Others should participate in Rossos preferences: "My personalization can be bought by anyone, who would like to have them for his car", so Rosso. (rh)