Funky utility vehicle

Cologne, 7 February 2017

As so often at Citroën, the new C-Aircross concept is a pretty confusing matter. Why? Because he has resemblance to the recently launched subcompact C3 (only much later, of course), on the other hand but again times so crazy looks like he would fell he was unceremoniously from Mars. In the case of Citroën, this is expressly good. We want the French rebuild more of the "slightly different", slightly crazy boxes. Let us hope that the French are serious about their "views of future compact SUVs of the brand". We heard Yes too often in the past.

900 new parts

Now what da 2017 (March 9-19) comes with Citroën to the Geneva Motor Show, in principle is nothing special. A 4.15 m long city SUV with front-wheel drive just. Sounds strongly like a C3 jacked up, certainly never goes into the ground, but sure how cut sells bread. Especially if it looks so cool, like this funky thing here. But of course the C Aircross carries an arsenal of fair Klimbim around who should never go into series production. The opposite opening doors, for example, the wrong tail lights or the great wheel. There is also a glorious one spoke steering wheel (in the venerable tradition of Citroën) and various sound zones, in which the passengers listen to their own music or can communicate (via microphones and speakers in the headrests). Also involved: The ability to stream music, movies and co. and to share as well as various cameras, touch screens, tablets, and a head-up display instead of conventional instruments.

New TFT instrument display

The C-Aircross cockpit but not so far from a C4-Cactus interior is gone up on the bad futuristic-looking seats. You can bring in series the large glass roof, the Central 12-inch touch screen, or the possibility to download something equal to two smartphones inductive Schonmal. We hope at least. Just like the casual side cushions and the wheel arches in Camoflage design. So, you have permission to go really steep Citroën, from this page. A C-Aircross compact SUV, which also only half so looks like this study, Q2, Opel cross country X and co.(SW) would be a colorful welcome change to Audi