Frenzied Record-Scooter

Munich, 7. September 2017

Do you sometimes think about the good old times when you have to chug along behind a current motor scooter? 45 km/h from a 50's machine would once have been unacceptable. Resourceful wrench took considerable benefits from the brandy glass-the engines of your Kreidler or Zundapp. Only, the police found the Drive less creative. Such problems Pirelli has not: On the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA now, the legal world records were established.

Benelli with more Pep

The Background for the record day on the salt lake in the "Diablo Rosso"-scooter tyres from Pirelli. A set was mounted on a Benelli 491. However, none of the series model, because the company Malossi and "two-stroke Guru" Jörg Müller cared for more power from the engines. THE engines, because it went to world records in the classes of 50, 80 and 100 cubic.

The frenzied shot glass

With success: Fabio Fazi achieved with 50 cubic over the flying Kilometer at an average of 114,823 km/h, in the flying mile, it was 114,737 km/h. These are the average values from two runs in both directions. A little more went with 85 cubic centimeters: fitted Mauro Sanchini brought the scooter to 133,002 and 132,668 km/h. In the 100-cubic-class, were 142,088 and 141,914 km/h to beech.(rh)