Formula E Boss: New Race Format

Munich, 25. April 2018

In loose succession, we will bring in the future a column by Alejandro Agag, boss of the race series, formula E. This time it's the Fans of the series and how he wants to develop the format further in the future

A ten year old Fan

"A friend of mine was in the stands in Rome and told me that behind her, a ten year old Fan, who knew absolutely everything about the formula E – he knew all the drivers, different cars - and all the adults listened to this child. I think this is a great Symbol of how the formula E will stimulate the imagination of younger people.

New race format more like a video game

I don't think the potential, the Mix of new technologies (which consist only of drive technology) is huge. And this is precisely where we will play in our fifth season to start. The format for season 5 – we have not announced the final will be much more similar to a video game, and the younger Generation to blow you away. It is almost a race format that was designed for you. If we can get ten year old kids to be a Fan of the series, you will be a Fan for life.

Change the world

In the Film, the people need to do if you travel back in time, be very careful with what you do. Because every small fact can change the future completely – we know this as the Butterfly effect. We make but little Worried about how the small things we do now, our future influence. Although the little things we do now could have a massive impact, both in negative and in positive ways. A good example of this is the formula E. you might think that we only travel around the world and fun race. But we could change the world with what we do, by the technology that is used here. Because if there is a technological breakthrough that could have the potential to change everything completely.

The arrival of the major car manufacturer is great

The arrival of the major car manufacturer creates a large playing field for the technology, since so many of the big players working together on the same platform. The formula E is an incredibly powerful platform to develop technology and to present. The great passion of the Fans, especially the young Fans. The powertrains will be developing the new car, but we are dealing already with the third Generation! Generation 1 was really more of a "Let us just try". Generation 2 is to take a leap in the old technology, and perfect. Generation 3 will be a completely new technology.

A Revolution and inspire

But it is the manufacturer will be, which of our platforms to bear fruit. We only provide the platform and create a huge circus. The manufacturer must participate and use the platform, the technology continues to develop. And then will spread this technology rapidly. The producers are the main actors of the Revolution, we want to inspire.

A new Era

This first Era was fantastic. We'll keep her as a pioneer in memory, as a romantic Era. I think the last race in New York, if we switch the last Time cars, which will be quite a nostalgic Moment. Literally the end of an Era. It was an adventure, a big risk, but it paid off. And now we are going to start with the adult-Era, if you will. We have the Teen years behind us.

The Rome-E-Prix was incredible

The first Rom-E-Prix was an incredible event. We are getting better and better. We say ' Yes ' somehow about each event, that she was the best so far, but in Rome it was really so. All sold out, not a single Ticket left. And the Beautiful thing is: We see this more and more often. As the Tickets for Zurich went on sale, they were gone in 30 minutes. We see that the brand of formula E is in, more and more people into awareness. Italian Fans are Hardcore Fans, and the Feedback from these Fans was great - they loved the Show. We have agreed with the mayor that we are going to perform the race for the next five years. The enthusiasm of the formula E in the city was great - Rome has lifted the formula E to a new level.

We don't want to raise prices

To organise more such races, we need space. A space that is beautiful for the event is beautiful and where we don't interfere too much. If we disturb the whole city, then it is not good. Rome is ideal, New York. More and more we are part of the landscape, such as in Paris. All are happy with the race there, so we need more such races. We need to find a compromise between audience growth and in the further event of the races in cities. The reason why the Fans come, is that we are driving in the city, but it also means that we have fewer seats. We don't want to increase the prices. We want the formula E remains very accessible. And we want children to come. If the Tickets are too expensive, simply less children. Rome was full of families with children and it was great to see."(sw)