Ford: New Snow Karma-Video

Cologne, 19. December 2017

Admit it: For a year they are eagerly waiting for the newest part of Ford's legendary Snowkhana Stop-Motion Video. And just in time for Christmas, the miniature have supplied-inventor of the blue oval again. Toy drift God Mental Block and his Mini-rally-Fiesta drifting – as always, inspired by Ken block's Gymkhana Videos – once more, through loving and rich in detail-by-step Christmas worlds. Of course, again with numerous Hollywood quotes and a lot of grandiose allusions. Completely new for 2017: "snow karma: Naughty or Nice?", how the XXS-Drift-spectacle is, in this year, for the first time, interactively. Say: you determine the outcome of the film.

You can determine the Video course

Only so much can be revealed: you have the option to choose between the good and the evil way. And if you beat the time on the nasty side, you'll get definitely more to see. It is worth it absolutely, to watch the Video several times. Clever people, these trick film-makers at Ford.

Tremendous Effort

The effort that the Creative Team of Andy Mills for "snow karma" has operated, is even more overwhelming. For a total of 25 scenes, and twelve various Sets of eight cans of snow spray, seven cans were consumed with expanding foam and six MDF panels. In the 130 hours that participated in the shooting, were taken with a camera for nearly 3,000 individual images. 85 characters and vehicles in the Film. We recognize, among other things, the A-Team stoick B. A. Barracus, "Anchorman" Will. Ferrell, a whole bunch of Star Wars crazed dinosaurs and ... uh ... an angry rose cabbage Crew The Santa Claus may not be missing. But now enough of words. A lot of fun with Ford's latest cult-Werk "snow karma: Naughty or Nice?" For the Video, just click here(sw)