Ford Mustang facelift: even more beautiful, more

Detroit, 18 January 2017

The Ford Mustang is a facelift of the successful sports car only since 2015 on the market, but now put the company on the public days of the auto show NAIAS (8 to 22 January 2017) in Detroit already. The most important changes: There is a ten speed automatic, three striking new colors and ten new wheel designs in the future.

Five litre V8 with more power

The most powerful unit, with the Mustang can be ordered the five litre V8 engine, receives a new fuel injection system and a higher compression ratio (12:1 instead of so far 11:1). This should raise the speed limit, bring more performance and save fuel. Ford retains details about the improved technical data but for themselves.

2.3-liter turbo with more torque

The 3.7 liter V6 aspirated engine is taken from the program, in Europe it was known not only offered. The 2.3 liter turbo - four-cylinder, which so well liked in our test, will get more torque and better speed. Here, too, Ford denied us but a glimpse of the exact data.

New ten speed automatic

A ten-speed automatic is offered for both engines from the new model year. Ford promises here, without mentioning details hereby faster switching speeds and Acceleration than with the previous six-speed automatic. In addition, the manual six-speed gearbox was revised so that the clutch should be easier to operate. In addition, the gearbox can withstand more torque.

Electronic damper "Recalibrated"

The "performance package", with which the Ford Mustang can be equipped, includes the electronic damper control "Recalibrated" that already exist for the top model GT350 Shelby in the facelift model. Thus, Ford promises more comfort while improved roadholding. A new underbody panelling improves not only the driving dynamics, but also the consumption, so Ford.

Subtle design changes

The design also touched Ford, if only gently: the front edge of the hood is now two centimeters deeper than ever before. There are air vents in the hood and new tail lamps in the form of C. Front and rear LED technology finds its way in the light now. Three new, eye-catching colours are now available: "Kona Blue", "Orange Fury" (our images) and Royal Crimson (a dark violet).

Makeover interiors

Through the use of new materials in the Interior, for example for the seats, and a centre console with hand-stitched leather, a touch of premium should in the future arise in the Mustang. In addition, a fully digital instrument display will be optionally available. They measures 12 inches, shows classic round instruments and changes colors depending on the driving style. The driver can adjust this individually.

Modern assistance systems

In the Interior, a heated steering wheel will be for the first time at the Mustang to find. Modern assistance and safety systems such as a collision avoidance with pedestrian detection, a distance detector, a lane change Warner, a lane and a fatigue detector also include the new options of the Mustang.

Type of market in the autumn of 2017

The new prices were called nor specifications. Due to the increased quality in the Interior will be probably to be expected with higher prices. So far 317 HP strong Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost in Germany cost 38,000 euros and the 421 HP strong Ford Mustang 5.0 TI-VCT V8 GT 43,000 euros. In the United States, the new Coupé as a 2018er model comes in the autumn of 2017 on the market. After Europe, it creates the facelift according to the German Ford Press Office is expected until the beginning of 2018.(ph)