Ford is going to release during the SEMA Show

The SEMA Show today, ports are open, and that means that Las Vegas is today the stage is where various dolled-up models will be presented. Ford takes among other things a whole arsenal custom F-150's, Rangers, and Mustangs.

Ford says that the 'more than 50' cars bring to the SEMA Show, but we get them all to see. The majority of the cars that Ford, however, presents a picture, just a poor rendering of the world shown. We get a whole zipper Rangers to see, which is filled with parts from Ford's catalogue with accessories. Practically every instance is incremented, offroadbanden and is equipped with extra lighting and sometimes even a complete kampeerset including tent. Now is the Ranger won't be the only car which is the need to pay for it, because Ford is, of course, also successes as the F-150.

There is a F-150 between, which, thanks to the arrival of the two huge turbo's with 1,000 hp strong (photo 21). We see fully against the floor printed copies, F-150's in bright colours, one with a kayak on the roof, one with extended wagon and place for a 'gametafel' - how we we need to see is a bit out of the question - and also big brother, the F-250 is available in various customized forms. Even the new Edge ST is not safe for the community hands of the tuners. Together with Blood Type Racing is a copy prepared for the SEMA Show, complete with airride, a bodykit and a fierce verlagingsset (photo 17). Then there are the larger Explorers and Expeditions with the well-known SEMA-tuningsaus are doused, and of course the extensive selection of custom Mustangs.

Ford shows sketches of the five 'embellished' Mustangs and photos of one custom version that you can actually buy: the Series 1 Mustang RTR, which is actually last year was presented. The Series 1 RTR package on several Ford dealers in the United States to get The supplies in each case, in particular computer drawings. A lot of fun!