Ford Focus RS: Strong Taxi

Cologne. 26. January 2018

Norway: the promised Land of electric cars, in which each driving current. Of due! A Norwegian presses conventionally on the Tube and the probably the world's first Taxi on the Basis of the Ford Focus RS.

RS = Rapid son

Evald Jastadts is the man and lives in the small town of Odda. With his Ford Focus RS, he not only brings his son Martin to school (easy to travel 16 kilometres, to quote Martin: "Bånn gass!" = Give Gas!), but driving the Locals and the tourists.

Neat on the clock

Since one and a half years, the Focus RS comes in the transportation of persons and has reeled off since then, even 127.000 km. Because in Norway there is no mandatory taxi color, During the flotter Ford painted blue with a black roof and black bonnet. Regulars call it the 350 HP strong vehicle already loving the "Blue lightning". Whether in Germany, a taxi driver for a Focus RS in the colour RAL 1015 (light ivory)?(rh)