Ford electrifies the police

Dearborn (USA), 21. November 2017

Ford electrifies in the USA, the market for police, fire and government vehicles, with the Fusion, is being offered as a Ford Mondeo. Unlike in Europe, where Ford sold the Mondeo as a Hybrid, is the model in North America with a Plug-in Hybrid called the Fusion Energi. And now this part-time to go-Stromer in the United States on a manhunt.

35 km electric at 137 km/h top

Around 800 kilometers of the car, 35 kilometres thereof solely with electricity. Like the Standard Fusion, the Cop-model has a 7.6-kWh battery with a 240-Volt charger within 2.5 hours of charging. The electric top speed is 137 km/h, the system power from a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and electric motor is specified with less than 200 HP.

Police equipment: standard and optional

The Limousine is equipped with police equipment. For example, the fabric. seats smaller side bolsters for improved comfort of the police officers, the need to carry a lot of equipment on a belt In the rear find vinyl seats and floors, are easy to clean and next to a searchlight on the A-pillar there's a lot of signal lighting. To the optional equipment of a Dark-Car System in the monitoring case, the interior lighting and the Combi-instument completely turn off is. The sale begins in December 2017, and the first deliveries should take place in the summer of 2018.(ml)