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Stuttgart, March 27, 2015

With spectacular messages shortly before April 1, you have to watch: Is this fact or fiction? So even with this message: Mercedes brings a pick-up. But an April Fool's joke is probably not, after all, is not Mercedes Maserati, Stuttgart have plenty of commercial vehicle experience.

Emerging countries and Europe as target markets

But we let the boss himself say, " The Pick-up of Mercedes - Benz supports the global growth objectives of our company ," says Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche. The emphasis is on "global " because this country eke pick-ups a niche existence. A few craftsmen, farmers and some urban Poser buy vehicles with open cargo area, but a "segment " of it is not. Completely different is that. In the US, where the F-Series Ford every year belongs to the bestsellers But the US is aiming for Mercedes with the new pick-up not at all. Target markets are " in the first step Latin America, South Africa, Australia and Europe, all of which are characterized by sustained growth in this segment ," said the Stuttgart.

First premium pick-up

The segment for midsize pickups located worldwide in transition: the proportion of privately used cars of this class is growing steadily and commercial and private users are increasingly asking vehicles with car-like properties after. Here Mercedes sees opportunities for themselves and developed the first premium manufacturer with an own pick-up. In this case, the brand suggests that the situation with the introduction of the M-class about 20 years ago was similar: At that time there were no SUVs from premium manufacturers today are vehicles like the BMW X5 or Audi Q7 commonplace.

For commercial and private use

The new vehicle is the responsibility of the Mercedes - division " Vans", which includes the V-Class and Vito are. Division director Volker Mornhinweg: "We can customers efficiently to those looking for a vehicle with utility that simultaneously brings the comfort, safety and design of Mercedes - Benz passenger cars the first pick-up of our brand, we will interpret according to this recipe for success. ".

Launch later this decade

The new pick-up will compete in the midsize segment, where walk-rounder with around one tonne payload. He will come on the market before the end of the decade and could then make cars like the VW Amarok, Nissan Navarra and Mitsubishi L200 competition ?? just with a little more "premium" in the cockpit. ( sl)