For family peace

Detroit (United States), 12 January 2017

Vans were yesterday, the present is SUV. In Europe this trend is already perceptible, van icons such as the Renault Espace mutate to the crossover. And also in the mother country of the family van, the offer is getting thinner. Honda keeps the van flag in the United States since 1994 and now presents on the auto show in Detroit, North American International Auto Show (NAIAS, 8 and 22 January 2017), the new edition of the Odyssey.

Space ship with six-cylinder

A "minivan" term itself somewhat verniedlichend. Honda not moving out even the dimensions of the new Odyssey, but the forerunner built since 2011 stretched at 5.15 meters. More than enough length for a spacious interior. That's why we want to lose not many words about the design with the third window of the Opel Astra sports tourer-style or to be equipped with optional LED headlights and many assistance systems. The only engine is a 3.5 liter V6 gasoline engine with 284 HP. Depending on the facilities is a nine or ten automatic transmission as standard.

Dad sees and hears everything

So let's the premises of the Honda Odyssey. Using a camera, the driver and passenger on the eight inch touch screen in the center console can see whether, in the ranks, mischief is driven two and three. Should that be the case, the driver via speakers and the headphones of the Fund entertainment system can call the inmates to order. At the rear of the car is a 10.2-inch screen in the ceiling. Not only streaming videos can be watched on him. The eternal question "When are we finally?" is answered by a special app, similar to shows the distance still to be covered on the plane.

Influence by mobile phone

Via Smartphone (and children have now mostly) can be programmed not only the rear entertainment and air-conditioning, but also destinations in the system are sent. An app called "Cabin Control" makes this possible. The possibility that up to eight family members can send their favorite music on the audio system is also integrated.

As you like it

Almost infinite variations are possible with the furniture of the second row of seats. The three seats can be moved or removed. Examples of compliant? Middle seat, the outer seats far away to the side pushed. So come two children doesn't get in the way. Or pushing together closely the two remaining seats, to passenger seat there children be to be trifled with. Alternatively, leave it at three seats, shoves the middle seat for similar reasons but further forward. Last but not least, the "Magic Slide" technique to facilitate access to the third row. Whether such possibilities of German parents are a little jealous? (rh)