Flying SUV

Shreveport (Louisiana), 15 February 2017

Flying cars (or propelled aircraft, depending on your point of view) are a perennial favorite in the media for decades. Only really enforce could so far not a single one of the models. The main sticking points: Extreme high cost, the need for a runway, and the acquisition of a licence. Now, the U.S. company SkyRunner dares a new approach: mixes a buggy with a microlight.

Well shielded

At the bottom is the SkyRunner from a Polaris ProStar 1000-motor driven, in the air a rear-mounted Rotax performs this task 914 UL. The relatively small wheels of two seater buggies are striking. Crucial for the flight is a glider, which reminds the illiterate observer of a parachute. Good stability and control should be ensured by the glider. It is not needed it can be stowed in a bag behind the rider. In the air, the SkyRunner reaches around 64 km/h and will go far, 120 nautical miles which is 222 km.

Cheaper than a helicopter

The SkyRunner equipped with body parts made of carbon no asphalt needed for takeoff and landing, a level area of about 137 meters length should be sufficient. According to CEO Stewart Hamel is the target group in the US market of farmers with large agricultural areas, law enforcement or border guards. The cost of an hour's flight should be $ 50 (equivalent of 47 euros). "The SkyRunner takes you to places that no Pick-Up or buggy, but cheaper than a helicopter", as Hamel.

Ultra-price for ultra light

Another advantage of the SkyRunner: The United States is in mobile in the class of "light sport aircraft", so the ultra light aircraft. There 12 hours eight days are needed for the pilot's license. After successful testing, 98 percent of U.S. airspace can be used without having to be in radio contact with air traffic control. A SkyRunner costs 139,000 dollars, converted approximately 131,000 euros. To an export to Europe is not expressed, in this country, but other laws are likely to complicate the approval. (rh)