Floats for Putin

Moscow (Russia), 8. May 2018

At last the secret is out: The whole world could yesterday be seen in the context of the inauguration of the old and new Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the new state limousine. Your Name: Aurus Senate. It is a Russian self-development. Now there are new Details.

Further models in planning

For a few years, the so-called "Kortezh" (or "Cortege") project is up and running. It middle news portal "Russia Today are involved according to the state," the Scientific research Institute of Automobile and automotive engines (NAMI), which was signed in the Soviet times for new car models be responsible. Support comes from Porsche in Weissach. The result is called Aurus (derived from the Latin word for "Gold") and uses a uniform platform. On your in the future are based on several models: Including the "Senate", those sedan, which uses extremely extended now is Vladimir Putin. Added a Van by the name of "Arsenal" and possibly, an all-terrain vehicle. These vehicles are intended for high-level public servants and to the accompanying protection.

Very long and very strong

According to the Russian Minister of industry Denis Manturov, the normal Aurus vehicles between six and seven millions of rubles costs, the equivalent of between 86.000 and 101.000 Euro. From 2019, allegedly, any solvent intrested to on the domestic market access. "Russia Today", reveals, meanwhile, some technical Details: top engine is a V12 turbo diesel with six-Liter displacement and up to 850 HP, in addition to all-wheel drive. Putin's new official car is 6,62 meters long, two meters wide and 1,69 meters high. The weight is held for reasons of security, top secret, in order to give no hints on the armor.

From ZIL to Mercedes

So far, S put Putin on a Mercedes 600 Guard Pullman series 221. To Soviet times, the top officials to be transported in limousines from the brand ZIL. Two such vehicles are still in the possession of the Kremlin and parades such as those in the military on 9. May, which commemorates the victory in the Second world war. The first Russian President Boris Yeltsin moved to an extended Mercedes series 140, then a S-class of the 220 model series. These two limousines were converted at the Belgian company, Carat Duchatelet, Putin's now old Mercedes came directly from the manufacturer. On foreign trips of Vladimir car by the way, on Board an Ilyushin-is carried on Board 76.(rh)