First pictures of the new compact station wagon

Cologne, February 22, 2016

The fourth generation of the compact Renault Mégane has early 2016 on the market. Since it was only a matter of time when the three-door Coupé follows the wagon version Grand Tour and the based on the same platform Scénic van. Now, Renault announced the combination for the Geneva Motor Show (3 to 13 March 2016).

Probably more suitcase rum

Renault promises an elegant and sporty cars. But also the practical side is addressed: the car is designed to provide the longest cargo area of the segment. To the mass and the trunk volume Renault says but still nothing. As the five-door sloping rear version at the model change was ten centimetres longer, is to assume that this will be similar in the combination. So the trunk volume is expected to grow its predecessor offered 524 to 1,595 liters. Motors, there will probably be no surprises. The ordinary Mégane uses three different Turbo petrol engines (100, 132, and 205 HP) and three diesel powered (90, 110 and 130 HP).

With all-wheel steering as with normal Mégane GT

The most powerful gasoline engine drives the sporty GT version. It receives the 4Control four-wheel steering as the sloping rear model a peculiarity in the compact segment. The sport version stands out from normal variants by a wire grille and side air intakes, and a rear diffuser. Still, the prices and the date of the market launch for the Mégane Grandtour, were not communicated. (sl)