Fine-tuning for Astons V12 -cracker

Gaydon, August 6, 2014

Is the fitting of a new eight-speed automatic is a sensation that justifies a meter long to publish? In the case of Aston Martin already. Finally, we succeeded in that (in many other vehicles so splendidly functioning ) ZF box to be mounted in a transaxle design. For Aston Martin has made ​​a new recording specifically and so what is known, can be complicated. Beneficiaries of the faster and better switching " Touchtronic III ", the now completed a shift in 130 milliseconds, the two V12 Vanquish Topangestellten and Rapide S.

Improves performance significantly

A rather nice side effect of the new eight-speed box is its significantly improved performance. And yes, it's the automatic, because the two twelve-cylinder to rise despite the latest Bosch engine electronics (the old had not spoken with the new gear ) in its performance yield only marginal. In consequence of a reduction in back pressure of the exhaust system of the Aston Martin Vanquish now delivers 576 hp ( previously 573 hp ), the Rapide S brings it to 560 hp (previously 558 hp ). The torque will increase by ten to now 630 newton meters. In both cases, the zero - to-100 time decreases considerably. The Vanquish manages the prestigious Sprint now in 3.8 instead of 4.1 seconds, the Rapide S scrapes even half a second and the journey takes only 4.4 seconds. For self-confidence of the British almost more important: Both precious cars crack thanks to the upgrade finally the 200 - mph barrier (320 km / h).

Consumption by ten percent

For Astons CO2 balance probably much more important than for most customers: The consumption drops significantly at the 2015er models of Vanquish S and Rapide. On average, the two superb stallions are now living on 12.8 liters and 298 ( Vanquish ) and 300 ( Rapide S ) grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer. But not only the drinking behavior, and the dynamic properties were improved. The Vanquish is thanks harder damper ?? front 15, rear 35 percent ?? noticeably snappier wag around the curve. Of 20 percent stiffer bushings benefit both models. There is also a new forged ten-spoke wheel, which saves seven pounds. New exterior colors and interior trims make the 2015er - year courses that roll in the third quarter of 2014 to the dealers, visually recognizable. Prices for the facelifted Vanquish S and Rapide has not yet been announced Aston Martin . ( sw )