Finally, electrifying

Munich, 30. August 2017

Mini got last unusually violent feeling against the wind. The new models would always be bigger and muggy tiger. To bloated and slow for everything the brand once stood. A coupe, a Roadster and a three-door Crossover, the bought to a few people. The accusation of not knowing where you want to with the iconic brand in the future is actually heading. The solution to the problem would be actually not so difficult. Not a few experts can imagine Mini is quite wonderful, as a progressive, design purist electric brand. And it goes to the new Mini Electric Concept, the British show at the upcoming IAA in Frankfurt, could happen also.

"Emotional View"

In 2008, it came with the Mini E around the corner. The test vehicle (600 PCs were used around the world in practice tests) was the first, pure electricity in the BMW Group and provided important insights for the BMW i3. For 2019, the first purely electric production model from Oxford is now being considered. It's according to BMW CEO Harald Krüger, we see the Electric Concept is already an "emotional insight" to the upcoming E-car. "Mini and electrification are made for each other," adds Krüger. This gives an idea of where the journey goes.

Sharper than the last time

Visually, the Mini Electric Concept looks for all the playfulness (tail lamps with the Union Jack; the roof with a color gradient) so sinewy and in shape, as would have been the least in the current series of models desired. The angular attachments to aprons, skirts, and fenders, as well as a certain amount of reduction to the Essential, to do him quite well. The Aeroteile at the Front and rear are made of fiberglass, parts of the 19-inch rims and a few lamellae surfaces come from the 3D printer.

Nothing to the technology

What tech is under all of the mats "Reflection in Silver" and "Striking Yellow," we don't know at this time, unfortunately. The Board of management Peter Schwarzenbauer speaks only of "a typical go-kart Feeling and a high-performance electric Motor".In the series of the electro could take on Mini with a drive similar to that of the new BMW i3s (184 HP, 270 Newton meters, 33-kWh battery) as a Stromer Part of the fun-king. A real range of 200 kilometers would be for a small pass cars also Abel. How many liters in 2019 in the three-door production car, ultimately, from the Mini Electric Concept remains, you have to wait and see. According to Mini, the study shows after all, "as you would imagine in the near future, a purely electrically powered vehicle for modern urban mobility."(sw)