Filerijder massively looking for alternative route

The traffic jams seems to be in our country get worse and worse, and the most recent figures confirm that. The jaarfilezwaarte now stands at 11.6 million kilometerminuten: the number of minutes that there is a one kilometer traffic jam was. Not crazy so that we flock to go looking for alternatives.

Research from allianz / allsecur among more than a thousand motorists shows that, if we have a file to avoid, we find that in 76 percent of all cases, by an alternative route to search. 19 percent of the respondents indicates longer to stay at home and wait for the congestion to decrease. If the highways are really crowded, then people choose also arranged for alternieve means of transport. The bike is than 23 percent at the top, followed by public transport (22 percent). Motorists in possession of a motor pack in 4 percent of the cases, the two-wheeler to the place of destination.

We are a patient people, because a large majority of 77 percent indicates that she is only after more than twenty minutes for an alternative. For a fifth is more than ten minutes late, good to have to find an alternative. The remaining 6 percent of the respondents do this all in less than ten minutes file.

About 16 percent of the respondents says multiple times in a file where they are then, on average, 18 minutes dwell. Activity number one is listening to the radio (79 percent), and food and drink (47 percent) and chat with fellow passengers (36 percent) follow as a daily file activity. A quarter says the smartphone there to pick up a appje to send and 18 percent puts the hands out of the sleeves to a lot in the nose to open. Men do this with 21 percent, significantly more than female road users of which 13 per cent indicating this to do in the file.