Fiat 500 family Shine Munter and loudly

Shine Munter and loudly

The little Fiat 500 and the Model 500L make the Fiat executives joy, because they are popular with customers. Keep it that way, the vehicles are now visually and technically updated. And what gives your ears too.

Ironically, the smallest is the most successful in the Fiat portfolio. The only 3,55 meters short 500 enchants since its debut in 2007, the ( female ) customers, a total of around 1.2 million of the round charm bolts have been sold worldwide. In Germany, the Cinquecento has also maintained over the years as one of the most successful models in the Fiat portfolio. However, a changing of the guard by a second generation is not yet in sight. In order for the agreement despite the strong competition but does not let the Italians to evaluate their success model. There are other amenities available and the new equipment line " Cult". The name only related with the cult car 500L receives for its three versions 500L, trekking and Living also some revisions and a new special model for music fans, above all, hold a 1.4 - liter gasoline engine with 88 kW/120 hp and equally strong 1.6-liter diesel catchment in the engine range.

Vast technological changes, there are not to be reported on the 500. As a new top engine of already known from other models with two-cylinder 77 kW/105 is employed. Depending on the equipment variant of the Small is now rolling on 15 - or 16 - inch alloy wheels, three more exterior colors to choose from and in the interior there are other seat covers in leather or fabric. A central, seven-inch monitor replaces the previous speedometer and also acts as a display for the trip computer functions. As a top version of the new equipment variant Cult complements the previously offered four versions comfort. Here include automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, glass roof with sunblind, leather seats and black painted alloy rims and a black roof as standard. Exact prices are not communicated, but likely for this version at least 15,500 euros will be charged.

The vanartigen 500L variants there is reinforcement under the hood. A 1.4-liter gasoline engine and a 1.6 - liter diesel with 88 kW/120 hp each now act immediately as a top engines. They cost 800 and 700 euros more than the comparable versions with the 77 kW/105 strong aggregates. The self-ignition is content with an average of 4.6 liters ( CO2 emissions: 120 g / km, € 6). The turbo petrol engine consumes an average of 6.9 liters (CO2 emissions 159 g / km).

By May still lovers of fair hearing music have to be patient. The special edition Beats Edition is based on the trekking version of the 500L is to have either one of the new 120 - horsepower engines and costs 23,000 euros. Two-tone painted in gray-black with red trim lines, the rolling music box has a premium audio system on board, which was developed in collaboration with the American rapper Dr. Dre. The facility has two 80-watt midrange in the lower part of the front doors, two 40-watt tweeter in the upper front door panels, two 60-watt full-range speakers in the rear doors as well as a subwoofer with two times 80 watts.