Fastest penalty ever?

Stuttgart, 27. September 2017

Who would want to record times on the Nordschleife of the n├╝rburgring, was served with a Porsche. Unforgettable lap Record by Stefan Bellof in 1983 in a racing car of the type 956, which resulted in the eternal best time of 6:11,13 minutes. In the past years, the Seven-minutes of series vehicles-brand cracked, raced the Porsche 918 Spyder-6:57 minutes around the "Ring". Now Zuffenhausen has set a new record: The new 911 GT2 RS is the fastest penalty.

Modesty with 700 HP

We devote ourselves to, first, the basic data of the vehicle: The six-cylinder twin-turbo Boxer in the 911 GT2 RS 700 HP, the vehicle weight is 1.470 kg. In 2.8 seconds it goes to 100, to a maximum of 340 km/h. As tires Michelin Pilot Cup 2 were raised. The previous record for a road car at about 6:52,01 minutes, held by the Lamborghini Huracán Performance. Frank-Steffen Walliser, head of motorsports and GT cars at Porsche: "at the beginning of the development we set ourselves for the GT2 RS to a lap time target of less than 7:05 minutes."

Fantastic Result

Now, this target was slightly missed. With two cars and two drivers, Porsche succeeded in the previous best value. To at 19:11 (suitable for 911) started the record-breaking round and ended after 6:47,3 minutes. Subsequently, five additional rounds were completed under 6:50 minutes. Under the supervision of a notary time was measured on a 20.6 km long track, with Bellof in 1983, the distance was slightly shorter. His heirs, however, must have no fear of the legendary, record-breaking: Bellof drove a section of over 200 km/h, the came 911 GT2 RS "only" on 184,11 km/h. (rh)