Fast, faster, Hennessey

Sealy (United States), 12 April 2016

It is a battle that rages for years: who has the fastest production car in the world? In 2014, the American company Hennessey boasted that their venom GT had brought it to 435,3 km/h and Super Sport behind him was thus the 431 km/h fast Bugatti Veyron. The problem: The speed was driven in one direction on a former space shuttle landing strip. Also can by a real production not be talked, Hennessey has still not together the 30 units required by the Guinness book.

An unofficial record breaker

This makes the new "world record" the Texan with caution to enjoy: A Hennessey venom GT Spyder achieved 427.4 km/h on a 4.7-kilometer runway in California. Thus, he would loose to surpass those 409 km/h, 2013 achieved sport Vitesse the Bugatti Veyron Grand a year, and would be the fastest Roadster in the world. Mind you "would be", because the record was only by Racelogic, an independent company for speed measurements but not certified by the Guinness Book of records.

How fast is the Bugatti Chiron?

The most important sticking point is the ride in both directions, not carried out by Hennessey. It would be possible for example on the Volkswagen site in the Lower Saxony Ehra-Lessien. There is a 21 kilometre long fast lane with two eight-kilometer straight line. But for understandable reasons, VW leaves his opponents on the factory line of course. Here, the 1,500 PS strong Veyron successor should soon join Bugatti Chiron for the world record attempt, finally, still providing for unlimited top speed is missing. Rumored is 463 km/hour.

Crazy performance data

And so continues to the 25th anniversary of his company on the future CEO John Hennessey. It is called F5 and should surpass the venom GT. It will be exciting, finally, torque, which will be released via manual six-speed gearbox to the rear wheels (!) already making its seven liter TwinTurbo V8 insane 1,471 PS and 1,745 Newton meters. The venom GT completed the Sprint to 60 miles per hour ($ 96 km/h) in 2.4 seconds, it goes on in less than 13 seconds 322 km / h. Hennessey is planning the construction of three venom GT Spyder as the world record Edition for the price of equivalent of 1.14 million euros plus local taxes. (rh)