Fast & Furious: 322 km/h in the F-type SARS

Schwalbach, 24 March 2016

Not only since the tragic death of Paul Walker in the passenger seat of a Porsche Carrera GT is known to have the actor of the popular fast-and-furious-film series in real life quite petrol in the blood. "Han" actor Sung Kang for example had 2015 specially built a spectacular Datsun 240Z for tuning Messe SEMA. And also "Letty" actress Michelle Rodriguez is on speed as she has proven in the latest cooperation with Jaguar.

Britain meets Hollywood

The new Jaguar F-type SVR is a brutally fast car. 575 HP, 700 nm torque there postions are sweaty hands. In 3.7 seconds, the British missile from the standing shoots up tempo 100th is closing at 322 km/h. Jaguar remained however the evidence until today. And who better to bring the top model on top speed as a stunt-tested Hollywood actress? Curtain on for Michelle Rodriguez and the Jaguar F-type SVR.

In Nevada, it comes around

On a closed highway in the middle of the nowhere others call it "Nevada" the high speed party. Otherwise, the section is used for the world's fastest road race: the "Silver State Classic challenge". Admittedly, to get a "normal" street car on a long piece of castles asphalt on its top speed is no feat. The wide grin and the enthusiasm in Rodriguez face yet speak volumes. And it is this however that such vehicles should trigger. (mf)