Family growth: Two new Zagatos

Monterey (USA), 16. August 2017

Good news for bondholders and the auto customers: Aston Martin will expand the Vanquish-Zagato-range with two new models, a Shooting Brake and a Speedster to be added to the Lineup. As the British manufacturer has now announced, should not be built only 99 coupes and 99 Volante, but also 99 Shooting Brakes and 28 Speedster. It presents the two new additions to the Monterey Car Week in 2017 (11. to 20. August), we have the first information.

The base and the Shooting Brake

All Zagato models are based on the Vanquish S. It has a 6.0-litre V12 naturally aspirated gasoline engine under the hood, which sends an eight-speed automatic its 603 HP and 630 Newton meters of torque to the rear wheels. But the Shooting Brake: it there are no Details. Only a couple of information about the Design and gives us an Aston Martin and a single photo. According to the manufacturer, the extended double-dome roof has recessed glass elements that ensure a light-flooded Cockpit. The car has two seats and there is a tailor-made Luggage set for the Luggage compartment. The production of the Shooting Brake is set to start in 2018.

The Speedster and price forecast

In the case of the Speedster, it is a kind of Hardcore Version of the Volante. Behind the two Seats cusps are, therefore, appropriate. You are like the Rest of the bodywork made of Carbon. They are looking for a Speedster? Too late, because all the copies are already sold out and deliveries will begin in 2018. That's how it is with the strictly limited special models. But why is it a Zagato-family? "Many of our customers want different things. Some prefer a pure fixed-head coupe, others like it a little more extreme and want a Speedster. Yes, some customers have ordered from each model a copy of," explained Aston Martin's chief designer Marek Reichman. Prices are not called. There is a Vanquish S coupe of the rod suggests, but already with over 260,000 euros, is expected to be a Zagato Version is probably significantly more than 300,000 Euro and more to do with the 500.000 Euro mark scratch.(ml)