Facelift Friday: Kia Picanto

It can be hard going: in 2000 resulted in Kia still Prides himself and four years later appeared the highly mature Picanto on the scene. The car that marked the beginning of a long series of successes gained in 2007 an extensive facelift.

The Kia Picanto is known as a excellent offer and is also very successful in the Netherlands. When the Picanto in 2004, in taipei, taiwan he fell like now on his adult character. This was not only evident in his space, but also in a for this segment of nicely finished interior. Moreover, it was Kia managed to make the car a happy appearance-without that it is all to funny, a danger that in this segment, however, is lurking.

The horse-drawn of the primal Picanto is significantly less tall and narrow than that of the Atos of zustermerk Hyundai and was always five doors. Tough to fold in the flanks connect the front and rear light units, all of which are vertically oriented. Also the front grille is a striking detail. Not only because of its modest width, but also by the striking, vertical bars that if padding needed.

That grille is explained as the first to die at the facelift in 2007 was carried out. Instead of the remarkable oval one was a wider, more modern-looking fence mounted. On either side of them came the headlights with a round lens and a therefore the other form, and the whole was enclosed in a more rigid bumper. On the back remained the basic lines intact, but made two round bulges in each achterlichtunit for a different look.

In its new form held by the oer-Picanto full to 2011. The generation that when it appeared, proved even more successful, but could the sales department of Kia satisfied looking back on the life of the original Picanto. Today we are doing just that, but which version is you the best?