Facelift for the Ford Mustang cultivated aggressiveness

Cultivated aggressiveness

Only in summer 2015 he came to the German market, the facelift is now already: Ford has thoroughly carried out the Mustang in the United States and a refresher subjected the popular pony car, dedicated to some criticisms and also under the sheet metal traces.

The little emotional 2.3 liter four-cylinder turbo with so far 233 kW / 317 HP remains unchanged in principle, but delivers more power and torque than before. using the Overboost function We expect approximately 257 kW / 350 HP. And the so far 309 kW / 421 HP strong 5.0-liter V8 aspirated engine is deeply revised - among other things with a fuel injection system that injects fuel directly into the combustion chambers at high pressures. In fact, so Ford is probably only slightly overdoing, remains only the crankshaft as part of the takeover. Result: More torque and more power. The exact date is still pending with approximately 331 kW / 450 HP is to be expected. The 3.7 liter V6 suction engine not already offered in Europe is eliminated without substitution.

© FordFord Mustang V8 GT with performance Pack. To optimally connect the power to the rear wheels, Ford has increased the six speed manual gearbox for both motors, also the switching mode has greatly improved with the V8. The previously optional six speed converter transmission is eliminated completely - in favour of a ten-speed automatic developed jointly with GM. She should change the translations much faster than ever before. And that's a good thing, because the slow response of the previously used automatic was one of the most serious weaknesses of the Mustang.

© FordFord Mustang. There's now an electronically controlled flap exhaust, which significantly modulate the acoustics in the V8. The suspension should be given a significantly more accurate character with optimized shock absorbers and stabilisers, as well as rear cross braces. And for an additional fee, there's the fast-reacting damping control recalibrated.

© FordFord Mustang. Numerous new assistance systems underline the upscale nature of the Mustang. In the future, there are distance Warner and track support assistance, and a pedestrian detection, and an optional memory system remembers the preferences of the driver. A heated steering wheel is found as well in the option list as a digital instrumentation with 12-inch screen, which alternates between different designs - adapted to the driving mode. The base model retains the previous tubes instruments, but on all models, the materials were visibly improves.

© FordFord Mustang V8 GT with performance Pack. In particular the changes in the outer skin of the Mustang are clearly visible: front and rear apron are completely reorganised, the headlights shine in principle in cold LED glory. And its contour was designed around that takes the place of the challenging Grinsens now a darker, threatening facial expression. The technoid impression is underlined by the aggressive contoured, vertical beams of light at the rear.

It is assumed that the new model, which mid-2017 is introduced in the United States, comes before the end of the year to Europe. There, it should continue to play the role of seats: a full-blooded V8 is currently not to get cheaper than at the Mustang GT, and the currently called 44 000 Euro - 6000 euro more than for the four cylinders - Ford is not far away. (ampnet/jm)