Facelift for BMW 2 series Tourer family

Munich, 10. December 2018

You wanted to be a little mean, you could claim that the success of the BMW-Minivan-Twins 2 series Active Tourer and 2 series Gran Tourer was in sight. BMW, Van, front-wheel drive, this is a rather ... ahem ... idiosyncratic look – you'll understand what we mean. But what do we know of successful SATs (sports Activity Tourer)? . And so BMW can show his critics his long nose. 380.000 2 series Tourer have been sold to a Munich by the end of 2017. Conquest Rate: 80 Percent. Since the Corks in the boardroom. So it goes on like this with the 2 series Tourer, and the success, to give BMW its Van-Duo is now working on a Facelift. The same benefits of a thoroughly revised engine range, a new transmission, as well as the usual beauty-OP for Ex - and interior.

New aprons, larger kidney

The proportions, of course, remain unchanged. The 2 series Active Tourer measures to 4.35 metres and packs between 468 and 1.510 liters in its turbocharger room. You have to carry more children or more bulky things? Then you belong to the 30 percent of 2-Gran-Tourer-customers. Brings to 4.57 metres, as before, three rows of seats and 645 to 1.905 litres of Luggage. Visually, you can recognize the facelifted Tourer to a more self-confident (read: much larger) kidney grille and a new front apron with a black, shining, C-shaped brackets to the air intakes. On request, there are new LED fog lights. In addition to the newly formed Halogen main headlights, you get lights against surcharge also versions with LED or adaptive LED. A little new make-up, the tail is happy. Make sure tailpipes on a modified trim strip and a larger exhaust. All four-cylinder to splurge, also, in the future, with two pipes. A typical Facelift: Two new colors (Sunset Orange, and Jucaro), as well as six new wheels in 16 "to 19".

The interior design is virtually unchanged

However, it should be "inner" in a family car like the 2 series Tourer is much more important. Relatively little will change. Experts recognize a new instrument Display as well as a couple of new seat covers and colors. In addition, the Basis residence is now a longer seat pad. Hühnenhafte fathers will be pleased. The latest Generation of BMW's Infotainment is in the 2 series Tourer since July of 2017 at the Start. Look who's in the middle next to his thigh, you will discover also a new electronic automatic gear selector lever. This means that The something luschige Aisin six-speed automatic is a thing of the past. In addition to the eight-speed Steptronic (also known as Steptronic Sport available) pulls in a new seven-speed dual-clutch in the 2 series Tourer. The smaller engines come standard with six-speed manual transmission equipped.

Engines overhauled

Speaking of engines: Everything is new, or massively reworked, says BMW. Modifications to crankshaft, thermal management, valve train, or charging to reduce fuel consumption by up to five percent. Power and torque rise of up to seven HP and ten Newton meters. All four cylinders now have a set of Biturbo charging, the Diesel are equipped by the Bank with a particulate filter, NOx storage catalytic Converter and an SCR System. Gasoline? Three-cylinder engine with 109 HP (216i) and 140 HP (218i) and a four-cylinder with 192 HP (220i) and 231 HP (225i xDrive). The Top model shoots you and everything you have (kids, dogs, Ikea shelves) in 6.2 seconds from 0-100 km/h. This verb, you read a Golf GTI. The Diesel will come as a 116-horsepower, three-cylinder (216d), or as a four-cylinder with 150 HP (218d) and 190 HP (220d). The Gran Tourer will have to do without the most powerful gasoline engine.

Plug-in Hybrid with a bit more range

Also the only Plug-in Hybrid he gets not under its short bonnet. The 225xe iPerformance makes the 2 series Active Tourer, as in the past, 224 HP from a 136-HP three-cylinder engine and a 88 kW electric Motor on the rear axle. However, its battery is increased slightly to 7.6 kWh. The all-electric range increases from 41 to 45 kilometers. The average fuel consumption of the BMW is 2.3 to 2.5 liters.The load time on the home socket is 2.5 hours, with BMW Wallbox 1.5 hours.

As Of March 2018

As a BMW in the year 2018, the new 2 series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer on a whole bunch of connectivity with Real-Time Traffic Information, Microsoft Office, and built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Smartphone Charging or to the Apple Car Play. The driving AIDS include adaptive speed control up to 140 km/h and a traffic jam assistant, which draws up to 60 km/h and the vehicle in the lane. Market launch for the new BMW 2 series Active Tourer and 2 series Gran Tourer is in March 2018. The prices are not fixed yet. So far, the Active Tourer launched in 27.350 euros, the Gran Tourer was 28.600 Euro.(sw)