Expensive! But light and beautiful ...

Stuttgart, 18. August 2017

So a Porsche 911 is the rod not a really exceptional vehicle. Okay, the 205.133 Euro for a Turbo-S model, most people shake the not-so-slightly from the Sleeve, but if you want a reasonably unique 911, they have to reach at least to the new "Exclusive Series". In this S fails, the 911 Turbo only 607 HP (27 HP compared to the series), he is also limited to 500 copies, and the manufacturer used more precious materials, manufactures them matching bags and a watch. Now this exclusive offer will be extended again. And lightweight wheels made of braided carbon fibres.

The manufacturing process in Detail

How is the production? A wheel consists Essentially of two components. The Spoke is made from carbon fiber mats. Over 200 individual components are cut and joined together. The rim is formed as a second component made of braided carbon fibres on the world's largest carbon fiber braiding machine with a diameter of around nine meters. Then the Spoke is woven into the rim. The assembled wheel is impregnated with resin under high pressure and high temperature pre-cures. The Curing of the finished wheel takes place at high temperatures followed by slow Cooling. Thereafter, the Central lock will be used in the finished wheel, and the wheel protected with clear varnish. A total of 18 kilometres of carbon fibers beziehungsweie eight square meters of carbon-fiber mats are for a wheel is necessary.

From the beginning of 2018. For a lot of money ...

The Result? The 20-inch wheels weigh a total of approximately 8.5 kilograms, or 20 percent, less than the standard light-alloy wheels and are 20 percent firmer. By reducing the unsprung weight of the tires and the road surface to better follow and the Longitudinal and lateral forces to be optimally transferred. The rims are from the beginning of 2018 as an Option for the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series is available. The charge is juicy 15.232 Euro.(ml)