BMW 507

1954 paved in concrete plans to build a two-seater (the future BMW 507), which should give the BMW brand as a sporty flagship a more modern image. Albrecht Graf Goertz, the German-born aristocrat sketched a gorgeous looking car and got the job. But this foresaw not only the series development of the BMW 507 roadster future : To be in the luxury class - especially in the U.S. - to take off right foot, BMW wanted to ask a sports two-seater four seater coupe to the side, this was to have on request with retractable convertible roof. The type designations for the two projects were fixed quickly, but they should family togetherness with the big eight-cylinder sedans BMW 501 and BMW 502 demonstrate : For the open roadster in the digit combination BMW 507 was intended for the BMW 503 coupe The bright red prospectus for the new eight-cylinder BMW 507 sports car promised superior performance : 150 PS 3.2-liter, good for a top speed of 220 kilometers per hour. At its debut, the BMW 507 Roadster cost exactly 26 500 DM who wanted a hard top, had again drauflegen 1,500 marks. That made the sports car to one of the most expensive cars of its time. Discover at this website at the huge selection of offerings including rare vintage and historical models from the USA or Germany.