Elegant and yet suitable for everyday use and with exciting, new technology

Geneva/Wolfsburg, 7 March 2017

Volkswagen enriched its model range to a large sedan or a Gran Turismo, as the brand itself rather says. He has positioned above the Passat VW DSI will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2017 (March 9-19).

Lots of space and a practical hatchback

"The DSI combines the design elements of a classic sports car with the elegance and the spaciousness of a Ramones", says Klaus Bischoff head Designer. For him, the car is an "avant-garde business-class-Gran Turismo". A special feature is the large tailgate, as it has such as the Skoda Superb. This increases the practicality. In addition, that the DSI (such as the superb) on the modular transverse box (MQB) is based. The transversely-mounted engines provide more space.

Similar dimensions as in the Skoda Superb

Plenty of space is through the large wheelbase of 2.84 meters between the axles. This dimension corresponds to almost exactly the conditions at the superb, as also the length of 4.86 meters. The DSI is slightly lower and wider and the trunk volume is considerably less than when the Skoda-relatives (625-1.760 liters) with 563 to 1,557 litres. The optics is pretty much the 2015 shown sports Coupé concept even the paint color (the famous turmeric yellow from the new Gulf) is the same. Characteristic are the many cross chrome louvers on the front and the front hood extended far to the front. The rear fenders are widely exhibited, in running 'tornado line' runs through the narrow rear lights and then turns into a rear spoiler.

Three petrol and three diesel

Six four-cylinder engines are offered. The TSI petrol engine and the diesel (TDI) develop in the first two levels of 150 to 190 HP. The strongest TSI 280 horsepower, the most powerful TDI's are 240 HP. The new 1.5 serves as base petrol TSI Evo with cylinder shut-off, which has been announced for the Gulf. The base engine comes only with manual transmission, all more powerful TSI versions have a dual clutch transmission. In the case of the TDI, the DSG only when the 240-HP top engine is series. The strongest TSI and TDI have as standard all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive is optionally available for the 190-Horsepower TDI. All other models have front-wheel drive.

Improved Wizard

LED headlamps are fitted as standard, the extra list includes wiper turn signal, the active info display, a head-up display and the infotainment system "discover Pro 9.2-inch display with gesture control. All known. New is there but the assistance systems. So consider the Abstandstempomat now even speed limits and routes data (for example, forward this curves or traffic circles) and automatically adjusts the speed as in the Audi Q7 and A4. Similar to recognizes the new dynamic headlights with predictive control based on the GPS data when a curve is coming and lit them out already before the driver turns the wheel. The driver fails, not only slows down the new emergency assist the car (as with the new golf), but also directs him, depending on the backward movement, on the extreme right lane. And the lane responds well to other vehicles that get dangerously close to the limit of the track.

Market launch in the June 2017

Produced the DSI in Emden, launch is not until mid June 2017, but can be ordered soon after the fair. Prices were not revealed yet, but VW speaks of an "attractive priced car". With the superb (as a 150-PS TSI from around 27,000 euros) you can compare but him, because already the lower positioned Passat (again with 150-PS TSI) about 31,500 euro starts. (sl)